Studio Caravaggio deals with any construction industry need: from the design phase to the realization; from estate appraisal to building retrofitting (seismicity, energy efficiency, morphology and function).

Our key strenght is the solid practical experience on old and contemporary construction techniques. In addition to this, continuing vocational training, strong passion and curiosity, make us moving forward.

Private companies and individuals, public administrations and authorities, are typical clients: to them we provide complete and innovative projects with clearly defined process schedule and budget.

Construction industry needs awareness in theory as well as in practice: occupational safety and health is a priority in every building site.


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About Us


Our know-how is based on practice and a constant
reserarch of new technologies, techniques and materials. 



Massimiliano Nanni, founder and owner of Studio Caravaggio, has been working in the civil construction industry since early 90's: renovations, restoration, public works.

He is a Construction, Environment and territory Industrial Engineer: a prefessional specialized in technic, economic, administrative and safety management of the construction industry (also for companies with Quality Management System ISO 9001 2008).

In 1988 he joined the Collegio dei periti industriali (Construction, Environment and territory Industrial Engineer Association) in Bologna; he is also a member of ANIT (National Association Thermo-Acoustic Insulation) and the "Valerio Vivarelli" Association.

He is moreover Cerficatore energetico (building energy efficiency certifier) licensed by Regione Emilia-Romagna (regional administration of Emilia-Romagna), Consulente Tecnico d'Ufficio (technical consultant) of the Court of Bologna; he is member of the local Expert Group of Civil Protection.

Some principal works in Bologna are: the renovation of Gianni Versace Boutique (Galleria Cavour); colonnade and front-office of the Agenzia del territorio (Land registry Office) in Piazza Malpighi; the expansion of the Provincia di Bologna (Province government) headquarters in Via Benedetto XIV; the renovation of Palazzo Fantuzzi.


Our Story


Studio Caravaggio makes the most of a three generations long story in the construction industry.

Mr. Alfredo Nanni (1905-1955), started his own construction company for public authorities and private clients on 01/07/1929, registering it at the Camera di Commercio (Board of Trade) of Bologna.

The company worked continuously for about fifty years under the leadership of his son Arrigo Nanni (born in 1930, qualified as a building surveyor) mainly in the Bologna area before and after the World War II, on a wide range of works: post-conflict rebuilding in Emilian Apennines, post-earthquake rebuilding in Friuli (1976), restorations, renovations.

A natural tendency for art and architecture made possible to achieve remarkable results in restoring buildings: their personal contribution in many cases has been particularly appreciated by local Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici (Architectural and Landscape Heritage Authority).




Our experience allows us to provide high quality services to a wide range of clients: private individuals, companies, public authorities. Our approach is open and collaborative: we usually interact and create partnerships with many, higly skilled, professionals.

For each project, researches, field surveys and technical assessment are made in order to know the actual situation and direct consecutive design choices.

Our main focuses are environmental sustainability and existing buildings: we work on restoration, architectural and structural renovation, high efficiency technological systems, renewable energy sources.

We also promote the maintenance operations with new tools as the Building Dossier and the Custom-made Maintenance Plan.

The whole technical documentation, as well as advancement pictures and designs are always available for clients in a private cloud archive with the utmost privacy through our website.

In 2015 Studio Caravaggio starts an Aerial Inspection Service  with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV (drone): very versatile and innovative!



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